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I have always wanted to be part of a movement and portray myself as an expert. The truth is, I am no expert in any one field. I do dabble in all I can get my hands on. That is why I started my projects. One right after another. All still going strong and may I say no matter what, I am always busy. 
This project, "I light up the dark", started out as just a fun place to go and learn about things that light up the dark. Glow sticks, magic wands, glow in the dark paint, Bioluminenscence plants and plankton. I liked what this project was about so much I started doing videos for YouTube. I made 38 of them as a matter of fact. They are a lot of fun and I will continue to do these types of videos. 
For several months I have had a feeling something big was about to happen. I got sick with Pneumonia and my health was getting worse. The life force energy around me was in turmoil and I had to address it right away. I began my journey of healing and started learning Reki and learning about my Thyroid problem, Hoshimoto's and other autoimmune diseases. I am now on a naturopathic journey to correct these problems but it seems there are some influences that hinder mine and your progress to get well.. 

On April 19th, 2017 I found out what and why the life force energy was in turmoil. With all the sun flairs and EMP's shooting out into space, I, and I am sure millions of others, have felt the impact on how they are feeling. Now, we have Asteroid 2014 JO25 coming the closest to Earth since 2004. This combined with all the UFO sightings have made me come to the conclusion to start my newest project. 


I know what you’re thinking, “There are a lot of sights out there with UFO info and stories. What will make yours different?” 
This sight is made by just me and I have no background in UFO’s other than I have seen them. It was a long time ago when I was camping by Sunset Crater near Flagstaff AZ. I will be telling my story later in a V-log as well as my experiences with recent encounters.
Here you can be you and not a lab rat just waiting for your great escape. It’s just you and me. Just real honest to goodness story telling from real people to those who want the truth.
Join me each week for a new episode. Every Thursday I will be posting a new V-log with real stories from real people just like you.

Also check out the list of V-logs to see which ones you would like to watch, or just start at the beginning.